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Seniors and Siri

Seniors and smartphones can be a powerful partnership when the phone features one of the several digital personal assistants (DPAs) now available to answer questions and provide information about all sorts of things – from where to go to when to do something. Siri, of course, is the popular voice-in-the-cloud personal assistant app on Apple […]

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Online Shopping: Is it an addiction?

There’s no question that online giants such as Amazon are dominating the retail shopping industry. There is almost nothing you can’t find online and the Internet has revolutionized how and where we shop. For most people this is a convenience. But for some, it can be a nightmare. Psychologists are beginning to recognize that online […]

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Beginning a New Sport as a Senior

If you’re a senior, your golden years should be the beginning of a golden era in exercise. Light or moderate, low-impact exercise on a regular basis has been proven to yield significant health benefits for the elderly. Regular exercise and a proper diet can maintain (and even add to) healthy muscle. Exercising enables seniors to […]

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Family Falling-outs: The Effect on Elders

Increasingly, families are providing long-term home care for the elderly, especially aging parents who become less and less able to perform tasks necessary for independent living. The need to care for someone on a regular basis often leads to stress and other problems for the caregiver as well as the one receiving the care. Caregivers […]

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Gardening for Seniors

Much has been written about the restorative powers of Nature and how time spent outdoors can ease a wide variety of afflictions, reduce stress, and revive the spirit. For many individuals, young and old, that means time spent gardening. Just because people age doesn’t mean they can’t continue to enjoy all the pleasures and benefits […]

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Coming Out Late in Life

While there has been significant societal acceptance for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals in recent years, there is, for many, still a stigma attached to being “different,” especially for seniors. For LGBT seniors who are questioning when or how to come out, life can be particularly stressful. Coming of age in the 1930s, […]

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“Hello?”: The elderly and communication in the Age of Millennials

Technology is so pervasive in our lives today that it almost seems impossible to function without it. We are so used to texting, Skyping, Facebook messaging, and other technologically-advanced ways to communicate that we seem to have forgotten how life was without it—well, many of us have forgotten. Baby boomers have not. They still remember […]

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Social Seniors: The Importance of Friendship

There is nothing more valuable in life than good friends. No matter how old you are, we all need human contact – it’s key to our well-being. Friendship transcends money, status, and reputation, to name just a few. And while friendship is important at every stage in life, it is especially vital in later years. […]

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Improve Your Health With a Mediterranean Diet

We’ve all heard how a Mediterranean diet high in good oils such as olive oil, as well as vegetables is good for your health, regardless of your age. But now we’re learning just how good it really is. In a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine and reported in Time magazine, Dr. Emilio Ros from the Hospital […]

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Self Defense for Seniors

Self-defense for seniors is not about the ability to physically overwhelm an attacker, it’s more about awareness — awareness of your surroundings and also of your own abilities and limitations. For seniors, the most important first step may be preventing situations that would require physical self-defense in the first place. The true ability to protect […]

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