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Remembering the Departed

For nursing home residents, death is ever-present. If you have ever visited a nursing home or have family in one, you may have noticed the way in which nursing homes and assisted living places will acknowledge a resident’s death—a small flower, a card, or some short announcement. Death is a frequent visitor to these homes, […]

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Depth Perception and Elders: How to Move Around Without Injury

As adults age, their depth perception changes. This creates a myriad of problems with navigation, movement, and responses. When it’s difficult to see and judge proper distances, elders can trip and fall or accidentally drop something. For elders, poor depth perception is dangerous. They can have difficulty judging if their walking path is clear, and […]

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Best Fall Muffin Recipes

Fall is a time of vivid colors and aromas. No other season in the year has so many tastes and smells associated exclusively with it. With Fall you have pumpkins and apples galore, and more sweets and treats than you can eat! One of the best parts of baking in the Fall is finding new […]

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The Benefits of 24 hours Overnight Care

For many patients, being watched overnight is a sign of weakness or fragility, as well as an invasion of privacy. To them, this form of care is insulting and unwanted. However, while those might represent their immediate feelings, the benefit of supervisory care in these situations cannot be underestimated. Oftentimes immediate family isn’t close enough […]

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Type 2 Diabetes Prevention that works

As we age, it’s harder to take care of our bodies. Health issues take us off guard, and we forget to watch what we eat. Before we know it, we’re facing the possibility of type 2 diabetes and a life-long battle. Thankfully, there are a couple strategies that allow us to prevent type 2 diabetes […]

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Preparing for the Future

Death is an idea we would rather avoid. It’s ugly and uncomfortable. However, it is a reality, and one we must face sooner rather than later. That reality is often embodied in a will. Writing a will almost feels like a seal of approval. You sign the documents and suddenly you’ve signed your own death […]

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Metropolitan Home Health Services, Inc. supports Medford Council on Aging fundraiser with Red Sox Tickets

Metropolitan Home Health Services, Inc. is supporting the Medford Council on Aging with a donation of Red Sox tickets for a fundraiser event in efforts to benefit the Medford Senior Citizens, Inc. On Friday, May 4th, the Medford COA will hold the event, “MEAT Bingo” at the Medford Senior Center. Medford Council on Aging is […]

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Keeping Your Mind Active in Long Term Care

Your mind is your most powerful tool, but it can be difficult to maintain it. Many people regard physical health as more important than mental, so when their ability to exercise their body begins to dwindle, they neglect their mind. While it may seem trivial, exercising your mind is the key to keeping yourself sharp. […]

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Home Safety Checklist for Seniors

It’s only natural for the elderly to want to live in their own homes for as long as possible. The comfort and peace-of-mind that come with familiar surroundings helps seniors reduce stress and live happier, healthier lives. Unfortunately, infirmity can increase with age and the risk of injury can grow in and around the homes […]

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Spreading Awareness

Yesterday, Metropolitan Home Health Services, Inc. participated at the Massachusetts State House to support the 2018 #EnoughPayToStay Lobby day.   #EnoughPayToStay supports the home care workforce—Homemakers, Home Health Aides and ASAP case managers. We want to thank the Home Care Aide Council, the Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts and Mass Home Care for bringing attention to […]

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