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Managing Your Medical Team

It’s a fact of life that as we grow older chances increase that we will need to interact more with health and wellness professionals for both preventative care and medical treatment. That means more appointments and more scheduling and management concerns. If you’re facing this challenge as a senior or someone providing care to an […]

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Preventing Colds in Seniors – Should they and their caregivers get flu shots?

Nobody likes getting a cold, and for the elderly, a cold can be a serious matter. For seniors, prevention is the key, so they and their caregivers should follow these tips to keep both parties healthy all winter long: Boost Your Immune System Sleeping well and eating well – including lots of fresh fruits and […]

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Colors and Their Effects on Individuals

There has been considerable research into color and how different colors stimulate the way people think, feel, and respond. Healthcare professionals see the use of color as a critical tool in helping patients respond in positive ways therapeutically as well as in the course of daily activities. Researchers have determined that the careful use of […]

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