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Home Safety Checklist for Seniors

It’s only natural for the elderly to want to live in their own homes for as long as possible. The comfort and peace-of-mind that come with familiar surroundings helps seniors reduce stress and live happier, healthier lives. Unfortunately, infirmity can increase with age and the risk of injury can grow in and around the homes […]

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“Hello?”: The elderly and communication in the Age of Millennials

Technology is so pervasive in our lives today that it almost seems impossible to function without it. We are so used to texting, Skyping, Facebook messaging, and other technologically-advanced ways to communicate that we seem to have forgotten how life was without it—well, many of us have forgotten. Baby boomers have not. They still remember […]

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The Dangers of Scatter Rugs

Hospital emergency room personnel routinely treat adults over 65 years of age for injuries sustained after a fall-related event in their home that older individuals commonly describe as a slip, stumble, trip, loss of footing or near fall involving a carpet, runner or scatter rug. This is an unfortunate side effect of aging – as […]

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Things to do to prevent infection

There are many common and not-so-common diseases and infections that are spread through a variety of physical contact and non-contact actions. While a large percentage of these potential illnesses do not pose a serious threat to healthy individuals, someone in a weakened state can have their health easily put in jeopardy unless home caregivers practice […]

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Senior-friendly Cell Phones

With smartphones and other mobile devices an integral part of our everyday living, it’s easy to forget that it can be challenging for seniors to take advantage of all the benefits these devices can provide. As phones and tablets get smaller and more feature-packed, anyone who has trouble seeing or using tiny controls will feel […]

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Pain Management

Pain management is a critical element of home health care for many at-home patients and their caregivers. It’s estimated that over 50 million Americans are caring for patients at home, the majority of them elderly. Pain management can be especially challenging for seniors because often there are multiple medical conditions involved, each requiring their own […]

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